Docksiders Cafe'

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Docksiders Café 

Lunch Banquet Menu 


 Select five of the following sandwiches or salads for your party to choose from.

 ###Option- If you choose to only have one selection for everyone there will be a 10% discount on the food cost.###





 Rachel  $10.99
 Beef on Weck  $9.99
 Pulled Pork  $8.99
 Club  $11.99




Tropical Chicken                  $12.99
Tropical Seafood    $15.99
Chicken Spinach    $12.99
Steak    $14.99
Grilled Chicken    $12.99


Also - see appetizers and Billing information below Dinner Menu.





Docksiders Café 

Dinner Banquet Menu 



Appetizers are available as follows: 

Group sizes serve up to twenty people. 


 Shrimp Cocktail  Individual $9.95  Group $175
 Sampler Platter  Individual $14.95  Group $275
 Spinach Artichoke Dip  Individual $9.99  Group $175
 Steamed Clams  Individual $10.99  Group $180
 Chicken Lips  Individual $7.99  Group $135
 Buffalo Chicken Dip    Group $50
 Cheese and Pepperoni Platter    Group $50
 Fruit Platter    Group $60






Choose four entrees fromthe following for your party to choose from. 


 Tropical Chicken Salad    $12.99
 Tropical Seafood Salad    $15.99
 Garden Pasta Bowl    $13.99
 Shrimp Scampi    $18.99
 Chicken Carbonara    $16.99
 Shrimp Carbonara    $17.99
 Stuffed Haddock    $16.99
 Prime Rib  (served at medium temperature)  $21.99
 Ham Steak  (with Pineapple Cherry Glaze)  $14.99


   All entrees include family style dinner salad, rolls, and vegetable medley.

Select one of the following sides to be served with all entrees (excluding salads): Baked Potato, Rice, French Fries, Pasta Alfredo.







Optional desserts available for banquet guests:


 Crème Cheese and Fruit Stuffed Crepes    $6.99
 Cheesecake    $5.99
 Apple Pie    $4.99
 Chocolate Cake    $6.99


 *Drink selection will be discussed at the time of your reservation.



Billing Information: 

All menu selections must be made two weeks before your scheduled event and a $100 non refundable deposit must be included with your order.

There is a $25 per hour rental fee for each banquet room event.  *minimum of four hours

Linens are available for an extra $50.00.

A 20% gratuity will be added to your bill.

Balance due must be paid directly following your event.

For further information contact the restaurant at 814-726-9645.